After graduating from the Fine Arts University (Ecole des Beaux-Arts), Mario Libet exhibits a collection of gestural drawings in Bordeaux in 1975. After teaching drawing for a while, he designs pottery dinnerware for the « Arts de la table » (Niderwiller Pottery).
He spends the following years working as an interior decorator while pursuing his artistic career. His works are exhibited in Paris in 1983 and 2000. Since 2014, he fully dedicates himself to painting.

A plastic approach

1973 - Collection of gestural drawings based on the speed of execution in the wake of lyrical abstraction.

1978 – Abstract paintings shaping a geometric universe and creating intriguing vibrating effects (optical Art).

1980 – Random traces of black painting against a white background and white painting against a black set result in a foreground-background confusion, creating ambiguity between figure and background.

2000 - A visit to one of France’s most impressive neolithic site, the Gavrinis cairn in Brittany – a pyramid-shaped stone burial chamber whose interior walls are covered with drawings – prompts a return to figurative art. Wave-shaped forms explore the theme of feminity.

2014 – Paintings on wooden canvasses (medium MDF) with vynilic paint, giving a matt finish. Streaks of black paint evoke a geometric world wavering between figurative and abstract art. Order and chaos play an engaging game in the compositions where torn up fragments appear slightly lit up by color round the edge. Additional splinters of color here and there suggest vibrations and reflections.